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About Us

DONG SENG ENTERPRISE was established in 2012, within 3 years we have gathered a group of team members with the same principle. We are very fortunate to have a doctorate with 40 years of experience in food research and professionals in various departments.

In 2014, we have officially launched our first product Chlorophyll DX Drink, and have gained good reputation from our consumers.

In 2017, we launched our second product Goat Milk Powder, and also gain great support from our consumers.
We are committed to improve every year, in 2018, DONG SENG INDUSTRIES is established to engage in food research and development. We have professional supervision to handle end-to-end processes from R&D, packaging and sales & marketing service. At the end of 2018, we again introduced Goat Milk Chewable as healthy and nutritious snack which is popular among children. We also introduced convenient packaging for Goat Milk Powder in sachet which comes in two flavors, Vanilla and Cocoa.

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