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Goat Milk Powder

Q: At what age can consume Vheart®️ Goat Milk Powder?
A: Vheart®️ Goat milk powder is suitable for 5-100 years old
Q: Can 5 years old kids or below consume Vheart®️ Goat Milk Powder?
A: It is not recommended for 0-1 years old. 1 year old and above can start to consume in small portion. (Please consult the sales agent for details)
Q: How long will it take to see results after drinking?
A: Depends on individual body condition and the effect varies for different people. For stomach pain, child immunity, appetite problems, the effect is about 1-3 months
Q: Does it have goaty taste?
A: Vheart®️ Goat milk powder doesn’t have goaty taste.
Q: Will it cause heatiness or constipation after drinking it?
A: 98% of our consumers did not feel heaty or experience constipation but it improve digestion and defecation instead.
Q: Besides drinking directly, any alternative ways to consume it?
A: Vheart®️ Goat Milk Powder can mix with oat meal, make milk shake by adding some fruits and use it to bake cakes or biscuits.

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